What clients are saying;

Jag has been instrumental in helping me coach the Men’s Guildford United Soccer team for 3 years. His extensive knowledge of the game, positive attitude and ability to inspire our players was essential in us getting promoted from Div.1 into the Fraser Valley Premier League. He has worked with many of our players in a 1 on 1 capacity, helping them overcome challenges both on and off the field. His love for the game consistently shines through as he would always be the first one to arrive and the last to leave.
– Azad Palani, Head Coach of Guildford United and Executor of Surrey Pegasus FC

Jag started off as a player with our team many years ago, and after his first game he immediately became an influential leader. After he was injured, it was an easy decision to turn him into our co-head coach. He would always take time to speak with each individual player before and after the game, creating an open door policy for our team. The players looked up to him and the results showed on the field. As majority of the team is family, we are able to compete and do extremely well in our Fiji League with half the funding and skill set as some of the other teams in the league. Jag has been a major reason for that success, and is considered part of the family.
– Muazzam Ali, Co Head Coach of Flying Arrows FC

I worked with Jag for over 6 years on the Vancouver Whitecaps Operations Staff. Jag made our jobs easier as I could consistently rely on him to be in charge and ensure all tasks were complete in my absence. He hired and trained all of our new staff, and was the point of contact for all operational challenges. As is typical in the sports industry, we worked long days and Jag managed to create a positive working environment, keeping everyone in a good mood. He was also great under pressure, making sure our organization was prepared for match days and special events.
– Taylor Weakes, Former Whitecaps Operations Staff Manager